red, yellow and orange

red, yellow and orange
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I can be a quick crocheter (is that even a word) but this baby blanket took me FOREVER. It is only 16 squares but it was my first attempt to do squares of any kind. I wasn't working off of a pattern but I never do.

I kinda like the organic look of this colour pattern. No two squares are alike but they are all very similar. It was all done in a double crochet with rounded edges on all the rectangles.

The yarn was Bernat satins and is incredibly warm. So it will be perfect for those cold winter days in Calgary. It is also a very soft yarn without having to be nessarily a baby yarn. I liked the fact that it could actually be washed and dried.

But thank Gawd that it is done!

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Stranger said...

Thats a beautiful blanket! I'm working on a new project myself using a suede type yarn...I bought some books on chrochet and knitting and am going to attempt something big. God, remember the crocheting we had to do a few years ago/ My hands still hurt! Lol! Ahhhh..but it was worth it! Love the blog chicky! Take care!