This is the fridge that I totally want! I found it over at design*sponge .

These are part of Elctrolux's "war on white". They are cool and contemporary and I could see this one really working in my kitchen or on the next episode of Pimp my Ride


Happy Birthday!!

Henry camping
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Our little man Henry has turned one year old today. We got a hold of his breeder and sent them pictures. It was nice to hear that his Mom is doing well and that they are going to try to have another litter this fall.

Henry is going to be having a birthday party this weekend with all of his friends. We are going to be having Pup Cakes and liver treats.
I can't wait!

What a spoiled Pup!


Doll maker

So i found this site that is now totally addictive.

Check out the pixel Brodie!

elouai's doll maker 3


Camping for the long weekend

We hadn't been proper camping in years so when Chris said, " Let's go camping on the long weekend." I jumped at the chance. It was exactly what I wanted to be doing on my 4 day weekend. (I took a half day on Friday)

We got out to Peter Lauheed Provincial Park, after getting lost, and lucked out and got the last camp site in the park. Not the prettiest one but at least we didn't have to go home.

Yeah! Camping!

We got everything set up and went exploring while we waited until our friends could come out and meet up with us. Chris and I had never been out that way and we were surprized at how nice it was.

There are lots of campsites as long as you get there early and most are pretty and sucluded. The two large lakes are very accessable, with many different trails that you can explore. We noticed that there were a lot of biking trails that we will have to explore on our next trip.

We had a blast spending time in the sun with our good friends, cooking on the open fire, hanging out in the hamock, and drinking a many a beers. It was a perfect way to celebrate our wonderful country. We will certainly have to do it again.