Swap Angel!

Downtown Calgary
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So I have been watching the Crafster swap angel board for a while now, looking for a way to wet my feet, and I finally jumped at one.

The swap is for pictures of your town!

I am super excited about this. I get to decorate a picture frame and then go around town taking cool picture to send to some one else.

I have a few picked out already and a few more that I have to take. I really want to get some from Nose Hill and from 17th ave as well.
I have a trip out to the Mountains tomorrow that I have a feeling will be inspiring.


Boy! I can run fast

Boy I can run fast
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On our way out to Saskatchewan we couldn't pass up the opportunity to take this action shot. Henry was obsessed with sticking his nose out to smell. I also think that it was because we have a "Midnight Purple" car and no air conditioning.


Going Home

It is the start of the Victoria Day long weeked and we start the exodus! The city of Calgary will empty for the next 3 days and Chris and I are among them.

We decided to head the opposite way from most. We are going East. Back to the flat praires of my youth. Yes on the weekend that starts the camping season in Canada we are not going to be trying to find a campsite at 9:00 at night after being told at a dozen other places were full. We will be at my loving parents home in a warm bed, with my father making breakfast in the morning. Yes I'm going home.

There is nothing better than spending time in my home town. The atmosphere of everyone knowing you and making you feel like you never left is comforting. I know many people hate living in a small town for that very reason but I find it to be a warm blanket that I will always crave.


New Place to explore

I have just found out, via my constant entertainment CBC, that there is an enviromental building store here in Calgary. I have discovered through their website that they do carry products like Marmoleum. Yeah! This is very exciting to me because I did think that Calgary was falling behind in enviromental friendly choices out there.



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So this was one of those places that you are told," Oh you MUST go here!" Well I went there and I can say that it was good. There is no way to fake the atmosphere of millions of people all enjoying a timeless meal like Montreal Smoked Meat.

I know that there is much competition when it comes to who has the best sandwich in the city but I will say that it is hard to find a place with as much history as Ben's. Nothing has changed in ninety years and why should it?



Wow! I think I'm in love. So I have only been here for 2 nights and one day but I love this city. It is so pretty (will post pictures when I get a chance) and the people here are lovely. I could just keep exploring for days and days.

The little Hostel that I'm staying at has been superb. It is called Le Gite du Plateau Mont Royal and it is at 185- Sherbrooke est. I would recommend it to any one who would like to have a safe and clean place to hang their hat for the night. The staff have been very friendly and helpful and the other guests are all here to explore as well. It is quite the mix.

I feel like I have been on a whirl-wind trip and I can't believe that I'm going home tomorrow! I have so much more that I want to do.


Sunshine and sugar

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I had been craving sugar cookies for the longest time so I finally made these.

This was my first time using royal icing and I think I may be hooked. I'll just have to get a bigger pipeing bag. It was a lot of work but they turned out great!