Crank Calls

So Freestyle has resorted to a new low. I just listened to them trying to call Alkatraz. Yup, that is some brilliant broadcasting. That isn't something that happens on every private radio morning show. IT'S a CRANK CALL!!! I know that they aren' t asking if the refridgerator is running, but Cameron said "who's your daddy". Oh good gawd!!


Time zones and internet radio

Wow did I just discover something wonderful and a great way to avoid Freestyle without turning off CBC. I live in Calgary and thought well if I tune into the station in Halifax then I will miss Freestyle entirely. It's like it doesn't exist! It is great. That way I get to listen to the world at 6 3 hours earlier and As It Happens is really wonderful. I usually don't get to listen to it all that often.

Yeah for the internet and for time zones.


Freestyle programming

Wanna see where Freestyle is getting their stories from?


I counted at least 4 from yesterday's show.


Week Two of Freestyle

So today was the first day that I actually made it through CBC's Freestyle. I 'm proud of myself and especially proud of the CBC. I'm not going to say that it was an excellent show and I certainly won't say that it is up to CBC standards at least not previous standards. But it has gotten better.

The music selection has gotten to be more like what I would expect from the CBC. I actually heard bands like Vancouver's Oh Suzanne and Carrie Lee, along with the new Daniel Powder song Free loop. I'll take that anytime, but I could still do with less of the 80's/90's mix of Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Ballad of Peterpumpkin head. More good New Canadian stuff and you can just scrap the other stuff. It is tired and needs to be let go.

Kelly and Cameron bother me. I don't know what it is but the two of them don't work. I think this is the greatest of my aggravations. The banter between them is forced and contrived. everything that comes out of their mouths is very disjointed and has nothing to do with the rest of the segments the are trying to get through. I have found Camerson to be rude and I just don't know what happened to Kelly. I feel sorry for her. I wonder if this fluffy personality is actually what she is like or if it is something that she is trying on? I know that she has had many intelligent moments in her carrier but hosting Freestyle is proving to not be one of those moments.

Oh I would like to give a kudos to Jian Ghomeshi!! The National Playlist ROCKS!!



Please Bring Back the Roundup!!!

If don't already know I have a love affair for the CBC. I was raised on it and have always enjoyed the programming. But, and this is a big but, I don't understand why they would get rid of a program like the Round up to replace it with drivel like Freestyle???

The Round up brought us company and wit. Freestyle is VERY bad music and two people rambling. Has the CBC forgotten what it's target audience is? If they are thinking that this program will reel in the younger audience well they are seriously mistaken. We can get this crap on any other station.

If you would like to continue to keep playing music fine play music but can it at least be something that is good? Maybe some new Canadian artists that are taken from a wide variety of areas. Not cover songs! They suck and have always sucked.

Will say that I can see where they are trying to go when they talk to seemingly random people but it needs a bit more thought. There is nothing interesting about people's pigs or your trip to Coronation street. These segments only work if the people have been screened.

I want to be challenged during this time of day. I don't know about you guys but after lunch I need something to keep my brain working. Freestyle does not do this. It only succeeds in making me annoyed.

I can't be the only one to think this way. I encourage you to write to the CBC and tell them that they will lose you as a listener and that this is not what we as the public need from CBC. As many of us have seen over the past few months with the strike there is so much talent in the CBC that isn't getting used. Let some of them contribute! And quite paying people to spin disks. That is a waste of good brains.