Moving on...

on the pier
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Well I have had fun here in Calgary but it is time to move on to new places and new adventures.

Chris has just accepted a job offer in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is heading over there in a week and I will follow in mid August. I have some school that i would like to finish. And well we have this great house that I have to clean and pack up.

If you know of any great must do/ go to's in Vancouver please forward them on I would love to hear about your adventures.

I'm so excited I could pee.... that could be just the coffee though...



Well we have moved from the ice and cold of February to the ice and cold of March. I really would like this city to just make up it's mind when it came to what the hell it wants to do with the weather.

All last week it was beautiful. We actually got up to 19 degrees. Then on Monday it snowed and not a little bit of snow. No it was a large, nasty, wet dump! The ice made it stupid to drive and then idiots on the road didn't help at all.

I am just ready for the nice weather to be here and be here now. All the pictures of peoples first flowers of the year are making me really want to move.


Cute hun? I have been wasting some time this afternoon. Can't you tell?

i have been super grumpy lately but I think that not doing my actual work is helping me get over it. I think I might have a few more places to hit before I really do something. You know like deal with the logs that are piled underneath my drafting table.


The Marriage of Liza and Stephen

This is my wonderful friend Liza. Isn't she pretty? I had the great honour to be involved with this gorgeous wedding.

First off we were in Canmore, Alberta for an entire week. The mountains were perfect and the snow was pristine. The place that I got to stay was a condo, with a hot tub, beautiful views and was right on the mountain side. Liza's Mother and sister were staying there along with Liza and her roommate from Montrea,l Devida (DD). It was like being at home.
I am so happy for this wonderful couple. I hope that they are having the time of their lives in Hawaii!