Whoa long time gone.  I guess now that I'm a legacy blog I should actually use it. Hun?  I hope it is like riding a bike and that I can update you on a more frequent basis.

Well I do have to run though.  A surprise birthday party that I have to get ready for and I haven't even done the food.

Cheers and toddles for now.


We're here!

It was a beautiful week long drive down to Los Angeles.  We definitely took our time to get here by taking the 101 highway as much as we could.  But it was really worth it.
Our first stop is was well the boarder. We got stopped not because of the cigars, the dog, or the fact the we were moving down, nope it was for the little pail of dog food that didn't have an ingredient list.  But the good thing about that is that while we were in having the pail of kibble inspected who should walk in but the President of the Twelve Colonies.  Yup that was our first celeb siting.  pretty cool.

From here we were on to Portland.  What a great city!! I could have stayed in this place for a good long while.  Alas it was only for a night.  But what a night.  The Vintage Hotel welcomed us and Henry with a beautiful room and a sweet gift bag full of goodies for the dog face.

There was a long list of places that we had to visit in our short time first was an interesting little place that didn't open until 10:00 pm, it was called Voodoo Doughnuts.  These are among the more interesting confections I have ever tasted.  Nothing is like a heavy pink box that bears the inscription, " Good things come in Pink Boxes".  It was full of doughnuts that were covered with coco puff, fruit loops and encrusted in sprinkles.  Although these ones were more than elaborate Chris was wanting one of the more unusual ones.  The legendary Maple Bacon doughnut.   Yup that is a doughnut that has a full slice of bacon on it.  A perfect way to end a really good evening.

As we said good by to Portland we headed to the coast.  Down to Eureka for the night and through the Red Wood forest to get there.  It was a fabulous drive with loads of scenery that I wanted to stop and take pictures of every 5 minutes.   What can I say?  Really that hasn't been said before.  Blue skies and rocky shores that were truly breath taking.

This is what we followed until we hit San Francisco.  Oh there were many adventures from here to there but I need to keep something in my back pocket.  

Let's just say we did it all!  In San Fran and that includes the trollies.  


Hitting the Road!

So as some may already know Chris and I are heading south to the land of the movie stars.  Chris has been given the chance to work with a great post house and the opportunity was just too good to pass up.

We are planning on doing the move on July 1 so that we can be in LA for the 4th or so.  For the first little bit we will be staying at a friends place while he is in Thailand, so we can get to know the area and figure out where the hell we are going!

If you have any tips or places that we just have to check out I would love to hear them!!  This is going to be a huge adventure for us and we would love to know all of your favourite spots.



This would be a great look for the summer.  That is if you have the patience and don't mind the heat!


Eau du Bacon

So if you know anything about me I have become some what obsessed with all things bacon.  I think that it all stems from these cookies.  

Now anything that is remotely bacon related seems to come my way.  Today it was the Bacon Tux.  How can you not want your date to be wrapped in cloth that not only looks but smells like the smokey goodness of bacon? 

The Portable Kitchen

While toodling around I found this great kitchen at uncrate


Drinking in LA

Well Chris and I are in Los Angles this week.  We've been enjoying the sun, visiting friends, doing a little work and checking out Mickey's place.  

I haven't been to Disney Land in such a long time, since I was 6 actually, and so I really wanted to just pack it all in.  That is exactly what we did!  After getting off of our 4:00 am flight and trying on 3 different cars, Chris didn't like any of our rental car choices, we we're at Disney Land just as it was opening.  YEAH!!!!!!

We hit EVERYTHING, the Indiana Jones ride, the madahorn, all the mountains, oh and don't forget the Teacups.  But on a sad note the one ride that I really truly wanted to go on was closed.  It's a Small World was not open for business.  boo urns.  oh well we moved on.  There were more things to see and do.  Like going on Splash Mountain.  I knew that it was going to be a wet one but i didn't expect to be still wet until 7:00 pm.  

It was a fabulous day spent in "The Happiest Place on Earth" and I can't wait to see what the rest of the week has for us.


Spring is Here!

Get your butt outside if you live anywhere in the west.  Spring has arrived on the coast and I can't get enough of it.  Yeah it is still kinda gloomy with all that infamous west coast rain but that brings on the flowers.  The Daffodils are out everywhere and the Cherry Blossoms are just starting.  

Now if you know anything about me it is that I'm truly a fall type girl, with all the crisp cool days, harvest produce, colourful leaves and sweaters. But when your outside world starts to turn that bright fresh green and the blossoms are literally popping all around how can you not love spring?

Something that I have noticed about now living on the coast is that this season last a lot longer than it did on the prairies.  On the prairies Spring was one month, maybe.  It was dirty, dusty, and if you actually did have a bit of garden space the work that went into actually coaxing plants to grow took forever.  Here I don't have any garden space but I don't miss it.  Mostly because everyone else has one that I can look at while on my daily walks.  Their flowers have been coming up since the beginning of February and more are added every day.  Soon we will be in full swing and I can't wait!