A Little Bit of Spice

What a great Idea!
Tsp spices has come up with prepackaged tea spoon sized servings of all sorts of different spices and herbs. They are organic and ready to use.

I love the fact that they are individually packaged and you know that you are getting fresh spices with every usage. I don’t know how many times I have questioned whether or not my spice rack it at it’s still at its peak and these would elevate that question.

Oh and did I mention that they are totally cute?

*first spotted over at Holly's Plate and image from tsp spices


showing off

showing off
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So as promised here is a lovely pic of Calorimetry. It was a super satisfying knit. Almost instant gratification, which is something that I don't normally get from knitting.

There are some things though that I did have to change with the pattern. Instead of casting on 120 stitches I only did 100. I also didn't do as many repeats as called for. The pattern turns out to be REALLY big and since I don't have that much hair I wanted it to be more of a headband than an all incompasing head thing.

I think this just may be the pattern I use on Sunday when I teach a couple of friends to knit.


a little inspiration...

Lately I have been checking out all of the great tutorials around here. These are just a few that have sparked my interest...

Lolly party Bags over at One Hour Craft

With the cold weather these may come in handy...

Hot off my knitting needles comes Knitty's Calorimetry. It was a nice, fast knit and I will definitly be getting a lot of use out of it.

Now if you EVER need an Ultimate Tutorial list you should check out what jMi has compiled over at Craftster. So many purses so little time!


Something new

So while I was doing my last up date I realized that I could actually just email my posts to this Blogg. Well! Hot damn! I just had to try that.

Yes, I am constantly online but I don’t always remember what it was that I needed to talk about when it comes to writing my entry. Hence the copious amount of babbling, like I am doing here.

So that being said I’m off to do my actual work and leave the ramble for another day.


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Bear! Nice turkey...

Happy New Year!!

After way too much food and drink and seriously lacking in sleep I find myself in a brand new year. It is kinda shiney here. Loads of plans to travel and for new job oportunities for Chris, also weddings to attend in exotic places.

I just got off the phone with our travel agent and we are set for one glorious week in Cancun Mexico. I can't wait! I have never really been any where like that before. I have traveled all over Canada and through many of the upper States but never any where that I need a passport. (which i seriously need to get)

Mostly though I am looking forward to seeing my dear friends Erik and Christine get married. They will have such a wonderful time and are perfect for each other. Christine is going to look amazing in her dress and I know that Erik will have a blast.