Going home

I've been confronted with something that I have been worried that I wouldn't hvae to confront for a long time. I will be heading home to be with my Grandmother.

Yesterday morning she fell in the washroom and broke her femur. She is under going surgery to have a pin placed in the bone. I worry that this will progress her already failing health. I have heard that she may never be able to walk again and that the trip out to Calgary for my wedding may be impossible.

Right now I'm a little introspective and I think that I just need to be with my family.


Rain, rain and more rain

I'm sick of it!!! it has been raining here in Calgary for 2 weeks now. Everything is dripping wet, the rivers are over flowing and my lawn needs mowed. You can see my list of priorities. At least it is helping my garden. I actually have a garden! It is growing so much that we had to trim down the rhubarb because it was taller than the fence.

I'm going to give you an update for the wedding plans. I just got off the phone and found out that my flowers are only going to cost me $120!! We are getting them from Costco and are going to be putting them together ourselves. I think that this will save us a huge headache or create a huge head ache as I have never really done flower arranging before. I need to do a trial run I think.