Here is an update as I have broken my promise and not written here in a very long time. Much has happened in the past few months. In Febuary Christopher and I helped a friend of the Peariso family to move into a retirement home. This left a large home ready to move into. Well with a little help Chris and I purchased our first home. I am happy to report that we moved in on March 18, 2005.
Ever since then we have beeen going steady. My mother and two of my brothers came out just after easter. It was wonderful to have them out to see the house. Mom and I also had lots to do tring to get lots of wedding stuff done. I have to say that by the end of the week I had the perfect wedding dress and i would tell you more about it but I know that Chris reads this and he doesn't want to hear anything about it.
Then two weeks later Chris loaded up our friend Stephen's things and took it all down to LA for him. You see Stephen moved down there to work but didn't want to move everything when he went because he didn't know if his visa would work out. but that is besides the point. Chris drove Shephen's things to him in a Uhaul truck. Actually this wasnt' as bad as it might sound. The only real delay was of course at the border. They held him up there for over 4 hours. When he didn't check in with Deb (Stephen's mom) she started to freak and call everyone. She made it sound like Chris was detained at the boarder and that he was not going to get through. She wanted to get in a car and drive to lethbridge and rescue Chris. I would have loved to do this but I was leaving for Rosetown in only a few hours. Anyway Chris made it through and the only reason he didn't get through was the guy there was just lazy.
The reason I was going to Rosetown was I had been hired to work the regional drama festival. It was so much fun. I got to see so many different and wonderful plays. It really made me realize why I love theatre. There is no other kind of energy like that of drama kids.