Alright that is a bigger hissy fit than I really need but I have gone literally months without getting any new music for my ipod. This is because my beloved iBook bit the dust. The screen went caput. I don't blame it. It really doesn't owe me anything, but I am going through music withdrawal. I have lists upon lists of different songs that I need to get and no way of getting them.

I actually found myself in a Music store the other day buying a CD!! I haven't bought a full CD since the itunes music store hit Canada. I realized why I stopped buying my music this way. I like one song. We have all been there. One bloody song on a $20 CD. What a rip. Don't get me wrong I still purchase my music. I just don't need every song that that particular band chooses to release together.

I guess I will have to just save up and replace the iBook so that I can feed my music habit. Until then I will make it a goal to have very detailed lists of all the songs that I absolutely need.