What the hell?

Who knew that trying to be the best puppy Mommy would be so hard? All I want to do is give my 7month old shnauzer Henry the best. Here is the story...

A few weeks ago I noticed that Henry wasn't really eating. He wouldn't dive right in when it came to breakfast time or anytime. I didn't want this to happen because he was only 6months old and was starting to look skinny, skinny isn't what you want your puppy to look like. So I decided that I would suplement his dry kibble with some home made gravy left over from dinner. Now what dog wouldn't love that on his meal? Apparently my dog. Switched it up again to just beef broth. That time he actually spit the beef soaked food out. You are probably wondering why i haven't just changed his food? Simple question gains you a simple answer my wonderful father brought his new puppy grandson a 30 pound bag of it for Christmas. I can't get rid of the stuff. The shelters don't want opened bags of food and everyone i know is on different adult food and don't need it. So Henry must indure.

I have had enough of his picky behaviour and I have desided that I'm going to switch. Most recommend that there be at least the frist indgredint be an animal protein when it comes to a good qualitly pet food. Well good luck trying to find one. I spent over and hour reading the sides of dog food bags looking at the ingredients list. Corn, sugar and animal digestion. Yeah that sounds like something that I would feed my dog. Finally I found one but it would have cost me $50 canadian for a 13lb bag. That is way too much but if it makes him eat I guess I'll have to try it.

Why aren't there more options than going to a B.A.R.F diet?