The bridal fair and so much more

Well so much for doing this every day but at least I'm trying. So to bring you up to date this past week has been kinda busy. First off on January 15, I was making breakfast and while I got the bacon going I decided to make one of Chris' favorite foods potato scones. These were frozen and I needed to pop them apart. Well the knife slipped and went right into my hand. The blood started to pour and I was spooked. I ran to get help with my my hand in my mouth. I was in so much pain. Chris was trying to help me but our first aide kit was not up to snuff. All we had was a roll of gauze that I wrapped around my hand like a war wound. I was so light headed and grumpy that I needed to sit down. Well there goes breakfast. The cut was deep but not big enough to get stitches.

Both of us where hungry so we decided to go to the Mexican restaurant across lake. We packed up and headed over, but it was closed. Actually most of the restaurants on the west side of Chestermere were closed. This left us no chose but to go to the place were we go all the time. The Landing. Now let me explain if you have seen Shawn of the Dead, The Landing is our Winchester. It is the place where you always go for a bite and drink.

While we were eating our friends started to call. First it was my friend Allyson it had been her birthday the weekend before. She had wanted to go out and party but wasn't really feeling up to snuff so she had asked me to go out with her this weekend. I thought that it would be fun to go out for a girls night. Now this shouldn't be a conflict but my friend Jeff had given us a call during our meal and asked Chris and I to go to his birthday party that night. Chris and I decide to split up I will go with Allyson and he can go to Jeff's. Well that is that. I got all tarted up after dinner and Chris and I headed into the city.

Allyson wanted to go to a new bar called Mynt, very cool bar, with all sorts of moods. We started to dance and have a couple of drinks, then Allyson spotted a guy she thought was cute. She grabbed his butt and he bought her a drink. Actually he bought her many drinks, then she stuck her tongue down his throat. This is when I sat down and let her have fun.

Hey it's her 25th birthday.

After a little bit she gives me the thumbs up and walks away. Okay they are going to go to a different part of the bar. I just wait in a corner,I wait,and I wait, oh did I mention that I was waiting all by my self in a crowded bar. I waited until 1:30 in the morning but Allyson did not return. By this time I am worried and pissed. I called up Chris to pick me up, tried to put money in her coat, so that if she has spent all her money she at least has money for a cab. Oh I called her every 15 minutes trying to find out if she was alive or dead or if this guy had done something horrible to her. Finally I gave up and went to bed. The next morning Chris actually called her around 10:00 and she had just crawled in her window because her coat with her keys and cell phone was still at the bar. When I told you about the thumbs up and her leaving well she had been swept into a cab and taken to a house party in the north west of Calgary. Oh now I was pissed. I had just spent a night at a bar all by myself, not gone to a party that I would have had tons of fun at, tried to leave her money for a cab, worried that she was dead in a ditch to find out that she had gone to some guys house to play Xbox and make out. Well at least she was all right and had a major hang over.

I had to go over there later to pick up my purse and an over night bag, which I had left there, and she felt really guilty and embarrassed. I really can't stay mad at anyone for too long, also when I went to look in my purse after I had left there was the Circle of Friends DVD and in my bag there was Boys on the Side. That made me giggle.

The rest of the week went by pretty fast. Our friend Steven moved back down to the States, but now he is in LA. The night before he left we got together with a few other friends and went for Alberta prime rib at a restaurant called Smugglers. Chris and Steven love this place because you can get a prime rib the size of a dinner plate the is so tender that you don't really need to cut it. Any way after dinner we went to a movie. It must have been a really good one because I can't even remember what it was called. That was our Friday night.

Saturday was uneventful I worked that was about it but Sunday was the Bridal fair that I actually got Chris to come with me to. Jeff and Jen, friends of ours, are getting married the week before us and so the four of us all went to the fair together. It was really fun to have the boys involved in the process. Both of them are not really into the planning of the weddings and would rather not attend all of the bridal events that give you all the information that you need. But we saw a lot of booths that made us go oh that is what I want. We saw our wedding cake, actually our wedding cupcakes. It was a tower of cupcakes that had a smaller cake on the top for cutting. I love the idea of this and really want to have one for the wedding.

Well hopefully I will keep you updated better in the future talk to you soon.


home bound

Wow, is Calgary cold out there. The mercury is down to -35 degrees celcius, and I have only been out side twice. Once was to get few grocereys for my mother in-law and the second was to get milk from next door. That was the only thing that I had forgotten. Right now the highway comeing in and out of here is closed and all i want to do is watch very bad movies and play with wool. The only thing that I need now would be for my fiance to be here. Oh but he is in San Fran looking at very cool Apple computer products. Well back to the bad movies and wool. later.


My first

Well I would say that I'm not the best person to be keeping one of these, but I think that I should at least try. It would be good for me to write at least something everyday. I will warn you that it may just be a lot of babble, so here it goes...