A Salute to the Saturn

So yesterday I became amongst the members of the Dumb Ass Family.
I'm fine! My car well she is not. Let me explain... Well the corner where I live is west facing and you have to turn east to get to the main street out of my area. As soon as you turn that corner on a cold and rather bright early morning you are blinded by they sun.

This is what happened to me yesterday morning. I had pulled over to let my car warm up a bit more and to let the miss firing engine settle. As I was going to pull out I failed to realize that there was a truck in front of me and smashed right into the back end of a 1998 Tachoma.

Yup; I had barely been awake for 30 mins and already I had managed to ruin my car. Great Brod! Just Great!

Thankfully the guy who's truck my car was now attached to was home and was a very understanding and nice man. His truck came away pretty much unscathed, I'll have to replace the back bumper, and we had a nice chat about what we like most about our neighbourhood. While the cops filled out the paper work.

I did manage to get a $172 ticket for failed to produce my proper insurance material because someone failed to place it in the vehicle. Other than that I will replace his bumper, see what can be done with the Saturn and go and buy a bus pass. Yay for the looser cruiser.