Spring is Here!

Get your butt outside if you live anywhere in the west.  Spring has arrived on the coast and I can't get enough of it.  Yeah it is still kinda gloomy with all that infamous west coast rain but that brings on the flowers.  The Daffodils are out everywhere and the Cherry Blossoms are just starting.  

Now if you know anything about me it is that I'm truly a fall type girl, with all the crisp cool days, harvest produce, colourful leaves and sweaters. But when your outside world starts to turn that bright fresh green and the blossoms are literally popping all around how can you not love spring?

Something that I have noticed about now living on the coast is that this season last a lot longer than it did on the prairies.  On the prairies Spring was one month, maybe.  It was dirty, dusty, and if you actually did have a bit of garden space the work that went into actually coaxing plants to grow took forever.  Here I don't have any garden space but I don't miss it.  Mostly because everyone else has one that I can look at while on my daily walks.  Their flowers have been coming up since the beginning of February and more are added every day.  Soon we will be in full swing and I can't wait!