Going Home

It is the start of the Victoria Day long weeked and we start the exodus! The city of Calgary will empty for the next 3 days and Chris and I are among them.

We decided to head the opposite way from most. We are going East. Back to the flat praires of my youth. Yes on the weekend that starts the camping season in Canada we are not going to be trying to find a campsite at 9:00 at night after being told at a dozen other places were full. We will be at my loving parents home in a warm bed, with my father making breakfast in the morning. Yes I'm going home.

There is nothing better than spending time in my home town. The atmosphere of everyone knowing you and making you feel like you never left is comforting. I know many people hate living in a small town for that very reason but I find it to be a warm blanket that I will always crave.

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Holly said...

Can't wait to see you!! Talk to you soon