at the track

at the track
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Hubby and I hadn't been on a date for a really long time so I thought why not surprize him with an evening out?

I probbed some of my friends around work for things to do that where new and fun. The one that won out was a trip to the race track.

Neither of us had been to the horses. We were a little unsure about this adventure but we stumbled through it. At first we were seated in the lounge because our reservation wasn't really a reservation until the first race was over. But when we got seated in our actual seats we were right up by the window and on the finish line.

We had a blast trying to pick out the horses that we wanted and we had some old pros sitting next to us to show us the ropes. I was more of a name girl ( pretty name = fast horse). Chris however was a stats guy (higher numbers = faster horse). Well my way worked more often then his. I actually won money! I won $9.75. I had to spend $40 to get that but I won it!

Over all I would reccommend a date at the races. You can have a nice meal, a bit of entertainment and you can actually talk. It is a good way to get to know a person and you don't have to be a expert to have a good time.

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Holly said...

That sounds so nice Brod! I'm so happy for you!