Poor Justin

Beef bones
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"So how was your weekend Brod? " Honestly kinda crappy. After spending most of my Saturday cleaning up the yard and heading to the dump Chris and I we're looking forward to some BBQ. I sent Chris down to the deep freeze to get some steaks only to have him shout up the stairs," Honey I need your help!" in a frantic voice.

Our stand up freezer full of our prized half a steer Justin, bought back at Christmas, was thawing FAST! Panic set in and two large bins were soon full of various stages of defrosted beef. The freezer was full of melting frost and beef blood that had started to ooze all over the floor of the basement. I kept thinking,"Man I watch too much CSI, cuz that is never going to be clean no matter how much bleach I pour on it."

One of the said bins was quickly set over to the most wonderful friends a girl could ever ask for. What could go straight into the freezer went and anything that was fully thawed got cooked up into many delicious meals. The other was sent over to my mother-in-laws to be salvaged in their freezer.

While this was happening I was left with a defrosting freezer that needed to be cleaned and two full bags of beef bones that needed to be made into broth. Here is where the marathon broth session started. Eight rosters full of bones, three stock pots in different stages and one frantic woman trying to save as much as possible.

In the end it worked out for the best. We now have a clean defrosted, fully organized freezer, many pre-made meals from one of the best cooks I know, 14 bags of beautiful beef broth just calling to be used in the next succulant gravy, and enough dog bones to last Henry years. But from now on that freezer will require a firm push to be closed. (the message left on the freezer door by the preivous owner

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