And Puppy Dog Tales...

My shaggy baby is usually one of those wonderful little guys that would let his Mom sleep in to at least 7:00 am. But lately he has decided that 5:30 is a great time to bounce off of Mom while I'm sleeping.

It seems like I'm the one that he accociates his mornings with. Mom is the one that will let him out in the morning, give him breakfast and has a quick play before heading out the door to work, where he gets to spend the day with Dad.

Usually I really enjoy this routine. It is a nice quite time to be with my little man and to give him all my love and attention. I guess it is Henry's way of saying," Mom, I need more time with you."

I won't complain (much).

This could become the time that is missing in the day when I can get all those things done before Bear gets up and we have to rush out the door. That load of laundry, the living room picked up, the kitchen cleaned or just some extra cuddle time with my little Henry.

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