Unconditional Love

On my daily toodle around the web I tripped over this little bit of insite. Considering I just adopted a dog I feel that it is fitting to promote animal rescues. Even though our new puppy is not a rescue but one that came from a loving home in central Alberta.

There are too many animals that are trying to find someone to love them. Dogs in particular have this thing called unconditional love. You can feel it oozing from everywhere when you come home and this fury little creature only wants to be with you and you alone. Who else can give you that kind of love constantly? You might say your mother, significant other or your child but you know in the back of your mind that it will only last so long or that there will at least be a moment where that isn't true. Your puppy is a constant.

So I am encouraging you to maybe not go out and get a dog but to donate to worthy causes that help out these animals. You don't have to give money; time, dog food, cat food(to those with cats), or even just old blanket or material that you don't need anymore are all excellent things to donate. These places need it more than you might think.

Are you still here? Well why haven't you gone yet? Go!


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Chris said...

I love you all the time and always will... BLAH so there