New City New Look!

So here I am sitting in our very tiny, little apartment in Vancouver looking out at all of the tourists trying to stay out of the rain and I'm realizing that I'm actually not one of them. I actually live here. Cool!

I kinda took last week off, mentally anyways. I told myself that I needed a break and that I was going to get to know my new neighborhood. I have walked down to the pretty towers of Yaletown, explored the tourists in their natural habitat of Robson, toodled in and around the West End and have had drinks in Gastown. So far I have enjoyed it all!

Now down to the hard part, not actually being that tourist and being a resident. That means tying up all of the loose ends that are still in Calgary, nothing that I can't do from here, and starting to pickup new ends here. Like looking for an actual place for us to hang our many hats. Looking for employment so that I can afford new hats and dare I say... a new car? I do miss the Saturn.

I know this all sounds like so much to do but I am relaxed now and I'm totally looking for all of these new challenges. I'll keep you updated!

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