ipod blues

My baby died. Let me explain....

Two years ago my wonderful Hubby bought me an ipod for Christmas. She performed wonderfully and played many of my most favourited songs, but alas no more. She stared to freeze, needed to be reset constantly, and would no longer sync up with iTunes.

Chris informed me that we had purchased the extended warrenty over at Best Buy. That should either fix it or replace it. Well I finally just bit the bullet and took her in. They wouldn't out right replace her. I had to send her away to see if they would fix it first. Then after 60 days if I haven't heard from them I can go in and get a replacement.

That's all fine and dandy for them but I'm lost!

I use my ipod every day! My music collection is growing but I can't bring it with me. How am I going to really experience the new Norah Jones album? Or get through those boring afternoons splicing logs with out my podcasts.

The withdrawl period isn't pleasent.

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